Be the Change!

Delivering Change Forum, an international conference to be held in India aims to be a platform of inspiration, learning and transformation for leaders from diverse fields, focused on building better governments, better businesses and a better society. This upcoming conference aims to curate programs with enriching content, bringing you a world class line up of speakers discussing the key trends, innovations and concept proven models, all of whom have one objective in mind: To help you deliver positive change and lead more effectively in your environment.

 This conference in Mumbai aims at actively galvanizing the power of people to come together to deliver transformational change. We encourage creation of platforms to enable people of different socio-economic strata to form large, powerful networks that work in unison to deliver Transformational Change. We are catalysts of change that help people and communities to improve themselves by understanding their needs and challenges, by establishing participative dialogue and partner with various stakeholders including but not limited to from Government, the Private Sector, and Non-Profit organizations.

 We understand that local leadership, emotional commitment, realistic goals, sustainability and measurable results are essential to success. We are committed to our belief that there is no higher purpose or meaning in life than to learn from one another, and in turn to help those around us grow, thrive and succeed.