Esteban Gómez Nadal

Esteban Gómez Nadal

Global Brand Director, Palladium

Esteban brings over 20 years’ management experience to Palladium’s Thought Leadership Group, where he heads Corporate Networks and Brand and Events. In his years in strategy consulting at Palladium, he helped organisations define and implement business strategies to achieve breakthrough results in different markets and environments. Prior to joining Palladium, he worked in marketing, finance and M&A before assuming executive positions at Telefónica, US West Inc. and MPG. He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and has been a member of Young Presidents Organisation / World Presidents Organisation since 2006

How Impact Focused Organizations create enduring social and economic value


Today, corporations face a new fundamental challenge to sustaining success: How can corporations create the enduring economic and social value that stakeholders increasingly demand? How do they create Positive Impact in the world beyond the financial returns they deliver for their shareholders?